Touring across the world since 2012, with 7 original albums and countless producer credits for other artists
Jamming with my boss backstage of the Royal Albert Hall, London (2017)
First workshop in Mumbai, India (2019) to help kids in underdeveloped areas of the world get access to quality music training
My name is Ulrich Ellison and I help guitar players become better musicians.

On my own personal guitar path, I have been heavily affected by the music and playing of Jimi Hendrix, and it helped me to become a successful touring artist, MD, and producer.

That's why I founded "Total Guitar Transformation" - to offer the guitar community a completely new way of learning music and reaching your fullest potential as a guitarist, a producer, and a human being communicating with the world through music.

You might have had some musical training or taught yourself, you might be a hobbyist or a career musician - sometimes we know exactly when something's missing.

If you are not content with where you are as a player, if you feel that there is more waiting for you - more inspiration, more fire, a higher skill level, stronger musical foundations, more expression, better shows, more opportunities.... then the TGT community welcomes you!

It's all connected... that's why we think that a better, more purposeful musician can only come out of a better, more purposeful environment and breeding ground.

Start your Guitar Transformation journey today!

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