4 ways this program is different than any other guitar teaching community on the planet

🎸 The right knowledge

With the right focus on the right knowledge, you will be catapulted into the ranks of successful guitarists. We live in a day and age where knowledge is so easily available at our fingertips - but that doesn't mean that it is the right knowledge that will help you. 
Music is so much more than just what most guitar education portrays it to be. When we play it becomes our fullest expression of human existence. It is ancient and modern at the same time. We deliver you the training you need to reach that state, related to the music of Jimi Hendrix. What that means is a learning experience with more joy, more motivation, more results, and an uninhibited, emotional way to express your feelings and let your soul soar!

🎸 The right structure, a laid-out learning path

Nothing is left to chance. By covering all 13 foundation areas of your playing, you'll discover new parts of your musicality that you didn't even know existed! This includes but is not limited to Ear Training for guitarists, Pentatonic Core Builder with the 5 lick archetypes, Triad studies in all 12 keys, the "Channel Your Inner Hendrix" lesson and so much more. The very clear structure based on several iconic Hendrix songs makes learning feel more effortless and fun because you can immediately relate it to a musical situation. You will always know what to do next - gone are the days of self-doubt and aimlessness.

🎸 The right role model

I would argue there is probably no better artist to model than Hendrix, no matter if you are a newbie or you have already been around the block. Knowing the Hendrix catalog is a MUST for any well-versed player. He laid the foundation for modern rock playing in terms of phrasing, vocabulary, and tone more than any other guitarist. 

No matter if you already know Hendrix or if you are a newbie - this new learning approach is similar to what world-class classical pianists experience when they study Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, etc. in their training. You can expect to have your musical mind be transformed in 12 months or less.

🎸 The right coach

There is only one person that can decide who is the right coach - that is you. However, we would think that the perfect coach for you has these qualities:

- is available for you
- can provide you with expert feedback
- is patient and supportive
- is honest and straight-up
- is an expert musician

Our weekly zoom lessons provide students with the perfect coaching without having to meet up or schedule. Whenever a student needs feedback or a resource, they can get in touch directly 24/7 via the member community, where everyone can learn and get inspired from the other students' progress. This creates accountability and a feedback loop that leads to amazing progress in a very short time, as witnessed by our students.

Notice that there isn't a "buy now" button on this website to become part of Total Guitar Transformation. Even if you wanted to join our wonderful community right away - it's not possible. The reason for the high quality and motivation level of this program is that all our students are personally vetted and selected. Slots are limited so we can devote the attention to every student he/she needs to make rapid progress - sometimes on a daily basis! There is no other program like it.

If you would like to apply to become part of this community, we welcome you to apply here:

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