Are you ....

• Someone that has played guitar for a while but never really learned to master all the foundations of music, including theory?

• Someone that feels you haven't reached your full potential in music yet, but you are longing to feel more inspired and more connected to your craft?

• Someone that has tried different guitar methods and courses, but without getting satisfying results?

• Sometimes getting stuck in the same patterns and end up sounding repetitive, lacking purpose?

• Someone that wants to give life more meaning through music, for yourself and others? 

This is more than a guitar learning program.

TGT helped finance the rebuilding of 6th String Music Academy in Mumbai in April 2021!

Ulrich and young students at the first workshop in Mumbai 2019

Weekly Lessons And Mentoring For incredible Value

There are plenty of guitar learning platforms out there in the online world. Youtube, countless teaching platforms, guitar teaching veterans like Truefire, etc. So what makes Total Guitar Transformation different than any other program out there?

1. We focus on results
When you sign up for TGT, you commit yourself to reaching your guitar goal and following the program's guidelines. Weekly check-ins with you, homework, constant video evaluation feedback and 1-on-1 lesson time every week don't leave your guitar results to chance. You have a teacher that sees your success as the No.1 priority. You are bound to be successful!

2. Musicality, not technical drill
Unlike many guitar courses, we focus on the music, not the theory.Based around the music of Jimi Hendrix, all lessons feed off actual musical examples. You always get to hear what it feels and sounds like, instead of the No.1 mistake of just learning theory and trying to convert it into something musical. In TGT, music always comes first.

3. Practical, not scholastic
Even many university music programs don't give you the tools you need to succeed as a player in the real world. TGT is different - your success is the No. 1 priority. No matter if you are hobbyist that wants to be able to play in a band and write their own songs, or you are a pro that wants to create new opportunities to earn musical income with a guitar in hand - TGT provides the right tools for you. With top-notch training that is always updated on the latest trend you can only win.

4. A real community 
Community is not just a lip service at TGT but it is being lived. Once you are part of the family, you will experience the extremely positive, supportive atmosphere of TGT. This is priceless. And the community doesn't stop online - yearly summer camps and workshops are being organized for members as well as for underpriviledged music students in India and Africa. Our first 2021 Fundraiser drive was able to pay for the interior carpentry of 6th String Music Academy in Mumbai!

Start your Guitar Transformation today!

Designed by guitarist Ulrich Ellison, TGT Academy teaches the techniques and methods that he personally used to develop his unique playing style after 20+ years as a full time professional recording artist, educator and touring guitarist. 

Ulrich takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the learning process, removing the fear and intimidation that many of us have when it comes to the music of Jimi Hendrix, and replacing it with self-assurance and confidence. No matter your background, Ulrich will help you to discover your own ability to create beautiful guitar leads and improvisations, and be able to get "lost in the moment" like Jimi did.

A first of its kind revolutionary Digital Interactive Guitar Academy covering all areas of guitar playing and musicianship wrapped around the music of Hendrix, Total Guitar Transformation offers weekly zoom lessons that provide the one-on-one mentoring that other programs are missing.

All Total Guitar Transformation Students are handpicked after an interview to ensure that the student is a right fit for the program, and vice versa. A maximum of 15 students are admitted each month to ensure that each one of them gets the attention they deserve.

This program is designed for amateurs and professionals alike. No matter if you want to express yourself more freely as a player, or if you have serious career plans as a guitarist to enjoy a full music income - Total Guitar Transformation can help you to reach your guitar goals!

Winner of three Downbeat Awards, Ulrich Ellison has been gaining international recognition as an electric guitar player and songwriter whose sounds and tones are on the verge of the blues tradition and contemporary rock. Ellison’s guitar style is both economic and focusing on the essential statement. What underlies his sound is an ethereal quality that takes the listener on a musical journey. Ellison’s song catalogue spans from blues-based jams to pop-infused songs to progressive rock, held together by a charismatic presence and a “take-no-prisoners” rhythm section. Among the numerous achievements rank a nomination for a European Blues Award 2016, 2 Austin Music Awards in the category “Best Blues/Soul/Funk” as well as the first European guitarist to ever receive an Austin Music Award for “Best Guitar”.
Legendary guitar icon and 10-time Grammy winner José Feliciano had invited Ulrich to be his musical director and guitar player on his 2018 "50-Anniversary Tour", featuring an international star cast of musicians. As a sideman, he has also played with grammy-nominated songstress Abra Moore, Tex-Mex rock queen Patricia Vonne and "The Voice" - finalist of season 1, Nakia.

Ellison graduated both from the University Of Music And Performing Arts Vienna Austria, as well as the University of Texas Austin with a MM jazz performance degree. There he studied with some of the finest educators, including fusion jazz genius Alex Machacek, gypsy jazz master Harri Stojka, Wolfgang Muthspiel, and Mitch Watkins (Leonard Cohen Band). Ulrich was selected for a Fulbright scholarship in 2006 which enabled him to continue his studies there. Within a year, he produced/engineered albums with UT jazz faculty (Ron Westray's "Fuzzy Dice") and played his own music with them (Brannen Temple, Jeff Hellmer, John Mills) 

Ulrich's live show is an extension of what can be heard on Ulrich's 8 studio releases to date. His passion for music comes through in every note that he hits, connecting with his audiences and echoing back from the walls of music venues from Australia to Austin, Texas.

Ulrich is a member of The Recording Academy where each year he is a voting member for the Annual Grammy Awards.
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